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Calendar may change as COVID-19 orders change throughout the 20/21 school year

  • February 15 OR 17, 7pm-8pm:  8th Grade Parent in-person High School Information Night (MUST sign up)

  • February 15: ZQuest Online Registration (time-stamped survey)

  • February 16: Enrollment day

  • February 22 VIRTUAL 8th Grade Parent HS Meeting

  • February 25: 6th-8th grade Progress Reports // Conferences (K-12)

  • February 26: In Person Half-Day K-5 and Virtual Conferences

  • February 26:  Virtual Half-Day for 6-8th

  • March 88th Grade Course Selection w/ZWHS

  • March 19: In Person Early Dismissal for K-5

  • March 19: Virtual Half Day 6-8th

  • April 2-9: Spring Break Week

  • June 10, 2021: Last Day of School

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2021-2022 Z-Kids Registration Information

February 22: 2021 Z-Kids Summer Camp registration begins:   LINK

March 15: Registration for current ZKids families:  LINK


March 16: Registration for families who are NEW to ZKids or Zeeland Public Schools:  LINK

**Please contact Cheryl Kraker with any questions at 748-4711 or email at ckraker@zps.org


Middle School 2nd Semester ODD/EVEN Day Cheat Sheet

Reminder that middle school changes to 3rd term rotations (for those taking the rotation elective) on Monday, January 25. We will begin the 3rd term with an ODD schedule day!


Covid 19

COVID-19 Quarantine Communication Guidelines for Elementary Students

Reporting Absences

After initial contact with our office staff letting them know the status of your child(ren) in quarantine, there is no need to call the attendance line daily to report absences during the quarantine period.


What should be your first step in continuing to make academic progress?

What does learning look like during quarantine? We wish we could replicate the classroom experience while your student is at home, but there are so many aspects of instruction that we cannot do remotely. Our staff is committed to providing your child(ren) with opportunities that are as consistent as possible with what is happening in the classroom.


We know that learning during quarantine will not be the same as it would be if your student were in the classroom. Our teachers will work with your family, and especially your student, to keep them on track, but also provide modifications to assignments when necessary.


PLEASE reach out to your child’s teacher regularly. They want to know what your student is struggling with or what additional information your student needs.


Student/Family Expectations

  • Families are expected to communicate with their teachers regarding any questions they may have when they are out of school.

  • Get your technology device(s) ready. Update your iPad IOS and any apps that you may use. Contact the tech office if you have issues that you can not resolve (cbussche@zps.org).

  • Organize time during the day: Students will need to stick to a regular school schedule. Being away from school is very unstructured. Also, find time to exercise, read a book, listen to music, or watch a favorite tv show in addition to doing school work.

  • Follow the set daily schedule provided by your teacher on Google Classroom, See-Saw or Email.

    • Check Google Classroom or See-Saw and email daily.

    • Keep on pace as much as possible.

    • Email the teacher for clarification if needed.

    • Keep in mind that teachers are teaching full time so that they will need time to post work and respond to questions.

  • This situation is not easy and there are lots of feelings to manage. Students should not try to handle it alone, they will need adult support.


Teacher Expectations

  • Teachers will communicate with students/families who are out, support them as much as possible, and let them know the best way to stay on track. If a student typically receives additional services/supports, those service providers (reading interventionists, special education/EL teachers) should communicate with the student/family as well.

  • Post assignments/lessons/expectations to Google Classroom or SeeSaw.

  • Respond to student/family emails as soon as possible.

  • Keep online resources up to date.

  • Consider exempting students from non-essential activities/assignments when appropriate

  • Contact the family if there is a concern.


Parent Expectations

  • Acknowledge with your student that this is hard for everyone.

  • Contact your child's teacher, principal or front office with concerns regarding your child's well being. We have a Wellness Team at school that can offer support to you and your child and also suggest additional resources.

  • Help your student navigate through the student expectations.

  • Encourage your student to follow the school day schedule, taking breaks from the screen to engage in physical activity too.

  • Communicate with teachers about specific questions related to their work if the student hasn’t been successful.

  • Contact other resources for support as needed:

    • Family

    • Peers

    • Counselors

    • Administrators

    • Free Tutoring from GVSU - K-12 Connect


What about food service for students who are quarantined?

We offer meal pick ups on Tuesday at The Bridge Youth Center from 2-5pm. Parents can connect with the ZPS Food Service office to sign up at 616-748-3128 or email foodservice@zps.org. If students are quarantined after a Tuesday and need food before the next pick up, they can contact the Food Service office about possibly picking up meals at Zeeland East HS.


Questions regarding COVID-19

For questions regarding your COVID-19 monitoring call the Ottawa County Department of Public Health at

616-396-5266 or email covid19@miottawa.org.


Daily PICKUP Instructions

Beginning 11/9/2020, there is  a new route for PICKUP at the end of the elementary school day in order to help with the movement/flow of busses getting in and out of the bus loop efficiently and safely.

  • ONLY enter the ZQuest Pickup Lot by making a RIGHT turn.  

  • DO NOT use the middle turn lane coming from the East or the West.  This lane will be open so that busses can pass traffic to easily access the bus loop. 

  • INSTEAD use Washington to Michigan to Roosevelt (or another route to Michigan to Roosevelt) to AVOID BLOCKING TRAFFIC ON 96th Ave.

  • Walkers....PLEASE USE THE CROSSWALK with the CROSSING GUARD.  Using the East parking lot crosswalk is hazardous due to the volume of traffic.

Food Panty Locations

Mobile Food Pantries


If you need food or know of someone who needs food, please let them know!


Please bring your own boxes & carts. No Identification or income information will be required. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

Major Field Trip Savings Planning

Click HERE for instructions on Planning Ahead to save for major Field trips.


Michigan 3rd Grade Reading Legislation

In 2016, Michigan Legislature passed a bill to ensure that all children exiting 3rd grade are proficient in reading.  Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, students must show proficiency on the year end state assessment to be promoted to 4th grade.  School staff is required to provide ongoing assessment and inform parents of possible student difficulty by creating an IRIP (individualized reading improvement plan).

ZPS approaches this legislation not as a requirement, rather an opportunity to continue to provide the best possible reading instruction for all students.  We are dedicated to using the assessment data gathered to plan for WIN and WIN+ interventions that support student learning.  We will continue to partner with parents to ensure success for all.  

An informational video has been developed to provide clarity on this topic.  

Information is also available on the ZPS website.  

Leslie's Weekly Update Newsletters

ZONAR My View Bus Tracker Instructions

Check the location of your students' bus in real time and get alerts when it enters areas that YOU identify.  



Crisis Intervention Resources

Mental Health Crisis Intervention Information for Parents

Building Resilience- American Psychological Association

Resilience Guide for Parents and Teachers- American Psychological Association

Mental Health Resources

If you are struggling or need support, tell someone. You are not alone.

  • OK2SAY - Anyone can report tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools. Tips can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click HERE to submit a tip.

  • Crisis Counselor Text Line - Text HOME to 741741 & Michigan Mental Health Warmline - (888) 733-7753


Suicide Prevention Online Chat -https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/ 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:



Signing Up for the REMIND App for ZQuest

Directions for signing up to receive REMIND texts:


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Zeeland Education Foundation

Annually a committee comprised of students, educators, parents and community members form to serve as the Grant Review Committee. This committee reviews the requests of funding for projects and supplies that are designed to enhance the academic excellence of our students, and go above and beyond what the curriculum budget provides. Any Zeeland Public Schools staff member may apply for grants.


ZQuest Program Information for Enrollment

ZPS Cares Program 

During our Remote Learning Times, we recognize that there may be needs for support that are harder to communicate when not in-person. We would like to remind our ZPS Community that ZPS Cares is a great way to get the support you may need!


  • ZPS families can call the ZPS Cares Helpline  at 616-748-4509 or email ZPS Cares (zpscares@zps.org) for assistance related to health, food, and technology needs.

  • ZPS staff and families may use this ZPS Help Request Form to identify student/family needs. A Spanish version is available as well.

  • Spring 2020: Google Help Request, ZPS Cares Helpline and Email will be posted on ZPS website, Z for Me, postcard mailers, and postcards with meal distribution. Link to communication plan from Spring 2020 here.

Covid 19

COVID Statement from the Ottawa County Health Department

Public health is concerned about misinformation related to the severity of COVID-19 and the community-wide spread of the virus.

·  COVID-19 is real and very 

prevalent in Ottawa County. It affects all of us even if you may not feel sick. You could still be a carrier of the virus and get others sick.

·  COVID-19 can result in serious long-

term complications, hospitalizations and even death, especially to those who may already have health complications and the elderly. Scientists are still researching the long-term impacts on health, even in those who were healthy or had mild illness.

·  Life is not back to normal yet. We are

still in a pandemic. We cannot go about our normal lives as if the virus does not exist. Extreme caution needs to happen among us all especially when at school, work, places of worship and anywhere within the community. This includes wearing a mask, limiting gatherings and avoiding crowds as mandated by the state. Families should have a plan in place if schools or businesses may have limitations or restrictions.

·  Public health decisions and actions are

data-driven and not based on the political landscape. Data are gathered and analyzed by state and local epidemiologists, medical directors and other public health officials to inform mitigation strategies.

·  Social media posts aren't always

reliable sources for health information. Seek the facts from scientific research and the expertise of medical and public health officials.

·  It takes all the disease prevention

measures working together by all of us to slow the spread of the virus - frequently washing hands and disinfecting surfaces, wearing a mask, keeping a physical distance from others and staying home when you do not feel well.

·  Testing more people for COVID-19 does

not inflate the numbers or make the situation seem worse. Testing is a critical tool to identify where the virus is spreading to contain it through isolation and quarantine and to prevent others from getting infected.

Find testing sites in Ottawa CountyEnglish Spanish.

·  Contact tracing is not an infringement

on your rights or an act of the government getting involved in your privacy. It is a critical tool-and time-tested tool-that goes back more than 120 years to identify those who have been infected and who they may have possibly infected. This public health-community partnership action is needed to contain the virus, and prevent further disease spread and keep our community safe. Help by connecting us with those who may have been exposed.

·  Asking you to wear a mask is not

against the law. It is good for infection prevention and practiced routinely in health care settings. Michigan law imposes on state and local health departments a duty to continually and diligently endeavor to prevent disease, prolong life and promote public health. Even with Governor Whitmer's emergency powers removed, as provided in MCL 333.2253, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service director's emergency procedures are not limited to the Public Health Code. Wearing a mask and physical distancing are needful measures when we don’t have pharmaceutical interventions (a vaccine or a medicine)


Volunteer Hero Program 


Volunteer Hero Families get 20% off of EVERY Field Trip for EACH child (under $20) for the entire semester that they have the award! 


Bullet Journal

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Basketball Game

Zeeland Recreation Program Financial Assistance

Are you interested in your child participating in an activity through zeeland Rec, but aren't sure if you have the finances for them to try something?


Please read the information from Zeeland Rec Director, Brett Geertsma!


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