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  • Via Paypal App to Zeeland Quest Family Organization

Information and Resources




  • ZQuest Break Week: May 29-June 2

  • All Grades Early Release: June 7-8

  • ZQuest Summer Hours begin (8:30a-2p, all grade levels): June 13

  • General PTO Meeting: June 14, 6:30pm

  • ZQuest No School Fridays: June 9, 16

  • Field Day: June 21

  • Last Day of School: June 22 & 8th grade graduation 1:30p-2:00p

  • Back to School Information Released via email: June 23

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     the ZQuest K-5 and/or the ZQuest 6-8th




An update from our Principal

We are officially launching a public Facebook & Instagram page for ZQuest! We will still continue to use the private ZQuest Parents page as well, but each of them will have different purposes:


Parents Private Page


  • Post updates that only parents and or staff need to know

  • Give parents and other volunteers the ability to ask questions about upcoming events

  • Give parents and staff a platform to organize social opportunities

ZQuest Public Page


  • Post pictures of our students creating/presenting projects, collaborating with each other, going on field trips, PODs, working in the community, interacting in special events/parties, etc.

  • Post pictures of our staff interacting with our students, the community, and to recognize them

  • Post about upcoming school/community events, volunteer opportunities, enrollment information, and to promote our school

I know we do a lot of amazing things with our students on a daily basis and now we have the opportunity to highlight them for other members in the community to see. With the page being public, we also have the ability to share the posts on our individual Facebook accounts, so all of our friends can see it, which will promote our school even more.




1. I have created a Google form that teachers, staff members, parents, etc. can fill out at any time when they capture pictures or videos of something that fits the criteria listed above

2. The form should take you 5 minutes or less to fill out as it just asks you to upload the pictures you took, type a little about what it is for, and select the classes of any students that are in it. From there, I will then post the pictures or videos and captions onto Facebook for you.

3. That's it! There's nothing else you need to do!


I have the list of students that are non-consent, so I will make sure to blur out their faces if any of them are in the photos. I am hoping it is a very easy process for everyone and I have tested it and you can complete the Google form on your phone as well (bookmark the link on your phone so you always have it!)



1. Like the page. Share the page with your friends. Ask them to "Like it". The more people we have exposed to the page, the more people that will become familiar with ZQuest

2. When your students are working on a project, collaborating together, on a field trip, working in the community, doing something cute, etc., start getting in the habit of taking photos. Pictures and videos of students are the most powerful thing to post because they hit on people's emotions and represent what ZQuest is all about. DO NOT feel like you need to take pictures of everything and have your phone out constantly. It is important for us to be present with our kids and not always have phones in their faces. Just please capture what you can and then add it to the Google Form so I can post it.


Like I said in the beginning, I want this process to be simple, efficient, and easy for everyone so there is not one more thing added to your plate. ZQuest has the potential to grow and reach so many more people in our community. I hope all of you are excited to be a part of this great opportunity for our school and students. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Parking Instructions.png

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • ONLY enter the EAST LOT by making a RIGHT turn.  

  • DO NOT use the middle turn lane coming from the East or the West.  This lane will be open so that busses can pass traffic to easily access the bus loop. 

  • If there is a back up on Roosevelt do not let it go past Michigan St. If traffic is, at that point, please use the side roads (N. Colonial or Michigan and wait for openings) to zipper into the line on Roosevelt and then into the east lot. **SEE MAP ABOVE!!! AVOID BLOCKING TRAFFIC ON 96th Ave.

  • Be mindful of the driveways on Roosevelt and avoid blocking them while waiting.  

  • DO NOT get out of your car to help your child get into/out of the car or get buckled. If your child needs this assistance, please park down Woodward, Jefferson or at the Creekside lot and walk over (using the crosswalk with the crossing guard). 

  • When you EXIT the East lot, TURN RIGHT ONLY! Please DO NOT turn left onto Roosevelt!

  • Walkers....PLEASE USE THE CROSSWALK with the CROSSING GUARD.  Using the East parking lot crosswalk is hazardous due to the volume of traffic.​


Zeeland Education Foundation 

Annually a committee comprised of students, educators, parents and community members form to serve as the Grant Review Committee. This committee reviews the requests for funding for projects and supplies that are designed to enhance the academic excellence of our students and go beyond what the curriculum budget provides.

Any Zeeland Public Schools staff member may apply for grants.


Playing Basketball

FREE Zeeland Rec 

Zeeland Recreation

is honored to offer

FREE programs

to children who are in financial need through our

Kids Liesure, Aquatics and Sports Scholarship (K.L.A.S.S.).

Questions? Contact us at 616.748.3230


Click for further information from Zeeland Rec Director Brett Geertsma. 

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  • June 24, 2022: 2022-2023 Back to School Information!​​


Parent Group Meetings

**Childcare Provided on site!**

2022- 2023 Meetings:




November 16, 2022

January 18, 2023

March 8, 2023: 

May 17, 2023

July 26, 2023



High Fives




Ambassador Coordinator:  Kathleen Loss

Kinders:      Brittney Samora

                      Niki Blackburn

1stGrade:    Athena Herrera

2ndGrade:  Kathleen Loss

3rd Grade:  Alex McLean

4th & 5th Grade: 

                      Lindsey Eppink

                      Jennifer Kroll

Middle School:

                      Kristin DeWitt

                      Amy Wolters

Reading Specialist,


Spanish &

School Success: 

                     Avril Wiers


Feeding America.png



If you need food or know of someone who needs food, please share this information!


Please bring your own boxes & carts. No Identification or income information will be required. 



Michigan 3rd Grade Reading Legislation

In 2016, Michigan Legislature passed a bill to ensure that all children exiting 3rd grade are proficient in reading.  Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, students must show proficiency on the year end state assessment to be promoted to 4th grade.  School staff is required to provide ongoing assessment and inform parents of possible student difficulty by creating an IRIP (individualized reading improvement plan).

ZPS approaches this legislation not as a requirement, but as an opportunity to continue to provide the best possible reading instruction for all students.  We are dedicated to using the assessment data gathered to plan for WIN and WIN+ interventions that support student learning.  We will continue to partner with parents to ensure success for all.  

An informational VIDEO has been developed to provide clarity on this topic.  

Roller Skating.jpg


ZQuest and Roosevelt Private Skate Night!


2023/2024 Dates coming soon! 

Roll Xscape

12521 James St 

$8 Admission

Free skate rental with each paid admission (normally $5)

Games and Concessions will be open


Mental Health Support

Be Better

is offering parents free mental health consultation.


If a parent is concerned about their child’s mental health -

increased depression, behavior changes, etc…

parents can

call 616-844-8896 or

submit the FORM

and Dr. Brashears will contact the parent to consult over the phone and provide guidance.


Mental Health Resources

If you are struggling or need support, tell someone. You are not alone.


Fairy Lights

Little Free Library

Do you have books that your kids are no longer reading?  

Please consider donating them to the ZQuest Little Free Library.  Your books will be placed in the LFL for other kids to be able to enjoy.

We love readers, chapter books, books on crafts, history and any other subject.  We even love coffee table books with great pictures.  Workbooks, coloring books, puzzle books, flash cards (math, spelling etc.), any any other item that another student may enjoy.

Simply drop your books off in Leslie's office.  




If you see or hear something that threatens student or school safety, submit a confidential tip to OK2SAY.

Anyone can report tips confidentially on criminal activities or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools.

Tips can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Click HERE to report

Parked School Buses



  • Know if and when a student got on or off the bus and provides accurate and immediate answers.

  • Students carry a small card that contains passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology that logs each student’s entry or exit automatically when the student passes the scanner located on the school bus.

  • Each student assigned a bus card to carry with them every day to and from school, on field trips or are involved in athletic events. 

  • SETUP INSTRUCTIONS (use the code ZEE2020 (or the year at the beginning of the school year..i.e ZEE2023 etc.)


  • Simple notifications of where and when their child gets on or off the school bus sent directly through push notifications or cell phone text message.

  • Activate an account by visiting and signing up to receive instant messaging to a cell phone or an email account.

    • Parents will need the number on their child(s) bus tag.

    • After activating the ZPass+ account, parents can log in to the password protected website to view their child’s bus riding activity. 

For more information, please visit Zonar’s website.


175 West Roosevelt Avenue

Zeeland, MI  49464


Main: 616.748.3050

Attendance Line: 616.748.3060

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Megan Quist

Vice President

Elsie Levandoski


Sommar Boese


Kari Thoreson

Events Coordinator

Kat Loss


Leslie Rindfliesch

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