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Leslie Rindfliesch, Principal

Mission Statement

Zeeland Quest is a school which fosters independent learning, community involvement, and global citizenship through the use of Project­ Based Learning (PBL), collaboration with students, teachers, parents, and community members, and student­ directed education. No limits on how to learn, when to learn, or where to learn.




Learning for Life

Select Zeeland Quest if you…

  • want your child working in a multi-aged environment

  • want your child working in a year-round balanced school calendar

  • have high academic expectations for your child

  • want your child to be understood, valued, and challenged as an individual

  • are willing to work collaboratively with the teachers to help your child succeed

  • believe in learning without limits.

An Innovative School:

  • Year Round Balanced Calendar

  • Multi-Age Learning

  • Student Directed Learning

  • Technology to enhance Global Awareness

  • Stewardship Opportunities

  • Second Language Instruction

  • Project Based Learning

  • Character and Leadership Development

A Partnership with ZPS:

  • Transportation

  • Lunch Service

  • Athletics

  • Common Assessments

  • Special Services

  • Elective Classes

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