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par·ent/ˈperənt :  be or act as a mother or father to (someone).

Weekly News from ZQuest

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Calendar may change as COVID-19 orders change throughout the 20/21 school year

Conferences (Virtual): Nov. 10 and 11 (3p-6p-MS & 4p-7p-ELE)

Remote Half Day: Nov. 12

7:35a-10:45am, middle school & 8:40a-12p, elementary

Conferences (Virtual): Nov. 12, 1p-7p

NO SCHOOL: Nov. 13

Thanksgiving Break Week: Nov. 25-27

Holiday Break Week: Dec. 21-Jan. 1

Mid-Winter Break: February 8-9

Spring Break Week: April 2-9

Last Day of School: June 10, 2021

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Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

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Leslie's Weekly Update Newsletters

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