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Family Directory


Enter your information into the CONFIDENTIAL, password protected ZQuest Family Directory 

​One of ZQuest's guiding principles is the belief that relationships and community are vital in the learning process.  Community is important.


To facilitate parents and students in connecting with other families for play dates, leisure activities and school functions, the ZQuest Parent Group has a Family Directory.


This directory is completely voluntary.  It only contains information from parents who submit their information to make it public to ZQuest Families.  This information is password protected, and only students, parents or guardians of ZQuest have access to this information.


If you would like, you can submit your information to the directory.  Once you submit your information, you will receive the password to the directory and information on how to access it.

Click on the link below to access the directory.  You should have received the password in an email from the ZQuest Directory.

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