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Dear ZQ Families,

In the upcoming 8 to 10 months, I will be working to build a Just Right Library for ZQ students.  Up until now, Roosevelt School and ZQ have shared the JRL.  With the addition of space, we would like to build our own library for ZQ students.  Many of you have already generously donated books and I am in the process of leveling these and getting collections organized.  It is an enormous undertaking.  Thank you to the PTO and other parents who are assisting with the process.


We are looking for books in Guided Reading Levels and specifically looking at levels A-N for our JRL.  Our priority at this time are reading levels A-J to support our early and emergent readers.  Leslie asked that I send out a few links to help you know what kinds of books we are looking for and where you can purchase them if you so desire.  Here are two of the most affordable links.


Book Sources

If you search under the Collections by Level in this link, you will see books at a specific level to purchase.

Book Wizard (Scholastic)

This is a teacher resource that helps teachers look for level text for classroom use.

Most Scholastic books you order have a guided reading level with them.  Scholastic is a great source to use if you are ordering books for your child as well.

Thanks for all of your support.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.  ~Mrs. Hooker

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