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Quality Car Wash

Who:  All ZQuest Students

What:  Sell Quality Car Wash vouchers and ZQuest receives a portion of the sales!

Where:  Redeem at any Quality Car Wash location, at any time.  Click HERE for locations

How much:  See SignUp Sheet for pricing.  The washes cost the same as if you were to purchase at the car was directly.

When:  TO BE DETERMINED FOR 2017  All forms with money due no later than December 9.

Winning class (highest % of sales) gets a movie and popcorn party, so start selling those washes!!

2016 Winning Class:

Ms. Lindsey’s class is the winner with sales of 31%  

Way to go!  We will be in touch with them on when they want to have a break for a movie and some tasty popcorn in the near future!


Final Standings:

Droppers   31%

Bultena      16%

Adams       13%

Villanueva  11%

Hampton    10%

Funk            10%

Foerch          7%

Blowers        3%

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