Research has shown that students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance, and are more likely to complete high school than students whose parents are not involved in their school. 


Involvement allows parents to monitor school and classroom activities, and to coordinate their efforts with teachers to encourage acceptable classroom behavior and ensure that the child completes schoolwork.  Teachers of students with highly involved parents tend to give greater attention to those students, and they are more likely to identify at earlier stages problems that might inhibit student learning.  Parental involvement in school, and positive parent-teacher interactions, have also been found to positively affect teachers’ self-perception and job satisfaction.

Source:  https://www.childtrends.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/39_Parent_Involvement_In_Schools.pdf



To recognize the importance of family involvement and contributions to the success of students our school, the ZQuest Family Organization recognizes families who volunteer supplies, monetary donations and/or their time in school or out of school.

  1. Every family that contributes and earns 5 Volunteer Stars per semester will be eligible for the Volunteer Hero rate for field trips and and items that are subsidized by the ZQuest Family Organization.    

    • "Family" includes Biological parents, Adoptive Parents, Step Parents, Guardians, Household​ Members, students that live in the household, and relatives that contribute on the families behalf.  The volunteer contributions of every member of the family are added together toward the total for the semester.​

  2. At the end of every semester, the ZQuest Board will review the Volunteer Log and Signup Geniuses and total the contributions of each member of the family.  Families that have achieved 5 Stars will be awarded the Volunteer Hero designationThis will entitle the family to 20% off of all field trips with a cost of $20 or less for the following semester. 

  3. The Volunteer Hero designation is in effect for the following semester and expires at the end of that semester. 

  4. Volunteer Contributions must be accumulated by logging contributions on the Volunteer Log Signup Genius and other ZQuest Signup Geniuses each semester in order to earn the benefit for the following semester.

We want to emphasize the volunteering does NOT only mean being in the school or classroom.  We recognize that some families have work obligations, physical limitations and other barriers that prevent them from participating directly.  In order to recognize family contributions in every form, there are MANY ways to contribute including

  • Doing a project or activity for a teacher or for school at home, at your convenience.

  • Donating supplies or items for use at school.

  • Making a donation of money to a classroom or the ZQuest Family Organization.

  • Having your STUDENT(S) volunteer in the classroom, school or at an event.

  • Attending a PTO Meeting after school.

  • Attending a Parent Education offering after school.

  • ANYTHING that we haven't listed that contributes to the success of students or school in any way or form earns Volunteer Stars.

 Notes:   Incoming Kindergarten families and new families to ZQuest will be gifted a Volunteer Superhero designation during their

                first semester attending ZQuest as a welcome to ZQuest.


www.zquestparents.com  or  http://bit.ly/ZQSignup

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